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What to Expect on the ACT Essay Writing Test

While you can’t be sure what the essay will ask about ahead of time, you can use the same general structure for every ACT® essay!

The 5-step guide to the ACT essay

There is no part of the ACT more mysterious to students than the essay, and very few people seem to know what exactly the ACT is looking for in a "perfect" essay (particularly since September 2015 was the new ACT Writing test's debut).

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The ACT is a standardized examination used for college admissions, and the test results are accepted by all four-year undergraduate institutions in the United States.

Act Essay Writing Help - Writing Managed Service Proposal

Sometimes writing—especially writing for standardized tests—can feel like something you "get" or "don't get." That's primarily because it's very difficult to explain and teach writing in a mechanical way, especially when you're up against time limits.

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